What is LTC? LTC aka Litecoin is a fork of Bitcoin which became the second most important cryptocurrency in the world.

Among the few processors which accept ltc online as a payment method, a lot of websites offer to exchange ltc to btc with comission.

In this situation, integration of our processor that provide you with possibility of accepting ltc online seems to be the best idea.

This processor can be added to your code easily. Its maintaining doesn’t required to be a high ranked webmaster with special skills.

Receive Litecoins in exchange for your goods

Why is it necessary to start accepting Litecoin now? 42 million Litecoins will be in circulation around October 2015. So the whole lot of Litecoiners are searching for online shops and other places where they can spend their cryptocurrency. We have 95 directories, forums, blogs and other resources where you can promote your business that accepts LTC. This list is expanded on a regular basis.

In addition to Litecoin we develop easy payment processors for Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Dash.

More cryptocurrencies are planned to be added in future. Be the first who get to know that.