Why accepting cryptocurrency

Why do you need to accept cryptocurrency?

There are millions of shops with traditional methods of payment and the proportion of the ones that receive crypto coins are negligible. There is a whole different story with customers: cryptocurrency audience is enormous. They can be all yours, if only you can take their coins.

BTW this audience is the most effective. A man who made a good purchase with the coins on your site, firstly, gonna back to you for sure (why search for another place, if you are accepting the whole lot of cryptocurrencies?); secondly, he spilled the beans to a huge number of people about place and the things he bought. Those in turn involve even more people.

The audience of cryptocoiners is growing really fast but the chances of them spending it somewhere are tiny.

Who accept cryptocoins

Judge for yourself

We’ve sent letters to 3k online stores and asked if we could pay with crypto coins in exchange for their goods or not.

Responses to our letters speak for themselves:

99% of the sites aren’t accepting Bitcoins, Litecoins, etc.
Only 1% of the sites are taking at least one kind of cryptocurrency (there is a few who takes several)
Half of the stores offered us to exchange crypto to another currency first which is convenient for them, and after that make the purchase.

At this stage they have already lost customers. Nobody wants to exchange money in the exchanger, if you can buy everything you need on another site without any exchange.

Number of crytocoins owners grows

With PaymentBar the answer to the question whether you accept coins or not will be always “yes.” And the buyer will make a purchase from you.

Moreover, you don’t have to think what to do with the coins that you’re given. We automatically convert them in the currency that you prefer most. Get your favorite dollars and euros as a payment.

Your goal is to become one of the few who accept cryptocurrency to attract more new active customers.

PaymentBar makes it possible within 3 minutes. Start accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Dash right now.

Accept cryptocurrency
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Buyers number growth